Visual Arts:
Pictured above is Henry Fuseli's Titania and Bottom (circa 1790).

William Blake painted countless scenes from Midsummer, but the one featured above is his most notable work. This piece, created around 1786, is entitled Oberon, Titania, and Puck with Fairies Dancing.


This is the trailer for Director Michael Hoffman's 1999 A Midsummer Night's Dream. The star-studded cast included Michelle Pfeiffer as Titania, Stanley Tucci as Puck, Christian Bale as Demetrius, and Calista Flockhart as Helena.


The video above was recorded from a high school production of Shakespeare's work. This specific clip is from Scene II of Act III.

Taken from another stage production, this clip is from Chicago's Kayos Theatre Company. Preformed here is Act III's first scene.

Above is the April 23, 1894 cover of Puck Magazine. This magazine was the first ever humor periodical in the United States. It was created and published in this building which might just look familiar.


Perhaps the most enjoyable clip on this page, this video is from the animated series known as Animaniacs.